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Educating Alaska at high-speed through GIS

By CAK Staff

Contributor: Ashley Hitt, GIS Services Manager September is Education Month at Connected Nation. In addition to objectives of expanding broadband and technology awareness and adoption throughout local communities, CN is also working to enhance knowledge and broadband connectivity in schools. Part of a growing trend in education at all levels is an increase in teaching Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to students to provide a better understanding of the world around them. With nearly two out of three jobs requiring at least some college education by 2018, advances in technology and geospatial analysis will continue to accelerate;...

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Tool of the Future Preserves the Past

By Jeremy Thacker

Broadband is breathing new life into ancient Alaskan heritage. Right now, it’s estimated that there are only about 15 -fluent speakers of the Alutiiq language left in the world. But, thanks to high-speed Internet and a new online course, the language is being taught to new generations of Alaskans and others with an interest around the globe. The course is funded by the Afognak Native Corporation, Koniag, and the Alutiiq Museum that teaches the language. Native elders were recorded reading, singing songs, and teaching words and pronunciations. Cultural preservation is just one of the many benefits of Connect Alaska’s work of spreading better...

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