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Blog // Connect Alaska

The Statewide Broadband Task Force Summit Recap

By Lyndsey Kleven

The Statewide Broadband Task Force and Connect Alaska hosted the state Broadband Task Force Summit on Tuesday, July 15. The Summit was designed to promote discussion about the task force report, including draft recommendations for education, public safety and e-commerce, and to discuss broadband access issues across Alaska. “We've worked hard for more than 36 months to understand the complexities of deploying 100 Mega bits per second to every Alaska household by 2020, to recognize the importance of the Arctic in future broadband deployment, and to offer meaningful funding options,” said Roberta Graham, task force member and former assistant...

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Connecting Communities With LiveOps

By Connected Nation

Our teams across the nation are working with local providers and governments to bridge the digital divide in underserved areas -- particularly across rural America. None of the progress we've made would be possible without great partners, like our friends at LiveOps!  They recently joined our Connect Iowa team for their annual Broadband Summit where they participated in our "Digital Job Creation" panel. This panel was facilitated through Digital Works, our program that offers training for the 21st century workforce as well as work placement. Digital Works has an established relationship with LiveOps as an agent recruiting partner. Once...

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Work Smarter: Be Intentional with Technology

By Sara Volpi

We all do it. We’re sitting at our desks, dutifully marking things off our to-do lists, when we get the urge to check the latest stories in our social media feeds or peruse a favorite blog. These distractions can nudge anyone off the productivity-track, making it difficult to realign the workday and complete the tasks at hand. Some research would suggest we seek distraction because our bodies aren’t suited for spending 8 hours at a desk every day. Others would say we’re looking for ways to procrastinate. It seems we’ve stumbled upon a workplace paradox; technology’s multifaceted functions are making us more efficient and more distracted....

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