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Blog // Connect Alaska

Alaskan Businesses Beg For Better Broadband

By CAK Staff

Contributor: Dev Joshi, Research Analyst

Alaskan businesses are more dissatisfied with their Internet service than businesses in other states.

That's one of the findings from Connected Nation’s 2011 Business Technology Assessment across nine states. (Alaska, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas)

Alaskan businesses subscribe to broadband service significantly less than businesses in the rest of the states.  Approximately 70% of Alaska businesses subscribe to broadband service, compared to 76% of businesses in the other states surveyed by Connected Nation. And while the majority of broadband-connected Alaska businesses report that they are satisfied with their broadband service, Alaskan businesses are twice as likely to report being dissatisfied with their broadband service than businesses in other states.

The economic impact of broadband to any businesses is tremendous.

From job creation to revenue flow, broadband empowers businesses to communicate faster, allows employees to telework, and empowers businesses to develop online marketing and conduct videoconferencing. Broadband simply makes businesses more efficient than ever. Yet, many Alaska businesses are still disconnected with this service and are unable to use these tools.

Nearly four out five dissatisfied Alaskan businesses (79%) reported speed as their biggest reason for dissatisfaction; higher than the rest of the states. Plus, 11% of dissatisfied Alaskan businesses mentioned the cost was too expensive, which is a significantly higher percentage than the rest of the states.

Speed and cost has always been hot topics in telecom circles, and will continue to be a topic of discussion in the future. How satisfied are you with your broadband service?  Are you getting your money’s worth?  Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or in the comment section below.


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