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Blog // Connect Alaska

Alaskans Lead the Nation in e-Government Use

By CAK Staff

Contributor: Dev Joshi, Research Analyst

Whether individuals are interacting with their senators or governors via e-mail, filing taxes online, or even visiting government websites for news and other resources, e-Government has become extremely popular!

In 2012, the U.N. conducted an e-Government survey which ranks the United States in the top 5 in e-Government development. According to the 2011 Connected Nation Residential Technology Assessment, 30% of Internet users, or 16.2 million adults, go online to use e-Government applications.

E-Government application usage is similar among every state surveyed except for Alaska, where 39% of Internet users or nearly 183,000 Alaskans access e-Government applications.

Alaska’s use of e-Government resources is significantly higher than the combined Connected Nation average, as well as the usage in each of the 9 other states surveyed.

Alaska is also ranked the highest among mobile Internet users (Internet access on their cell phone) when it comes to e-Government application usage. According to the residential technology assessment, 16% of Alaskan adults who access the Internet via their cellphones, or about 32,000 Alaskans, access e-Government applications with those devices. Alaska’s use of e-Government resources via cell phones is also significantly higher than the Connected Nation average.

For more on e-Government application usage and other online activities, visit Connect Alaska’s 2011 Residential Technology Assessment results here. To learn more about Connect Alaska’s efforts to expand broadband access, adoption, and use in Alaska, like us on Facebook or follow us on twitter!


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