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Interactive Map

Welcome to Connect Alaska's interactive web mapping application, My ConnectView. Here you can explore Alaska's broadband coverage. 

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The data contained within this map are currently in beta version. The map will continuously improve in accuracy as the data are validated through public feedback, field verification, and the participation of more service providers. Currently, broadband is defined as internet service with advertised speeds of at least 768 Kbps downstream and 200 Kbps upstream.

Want to learn more about providers in the state? Download a PDF or spreadsheet of providers. 



Connect Alaska relies on citizen feedback to verify the accuracy of the broadband inventory maps. We strongly encourage the public to help us in the validation process. Please use the feedback button to submit questions or recommendations for coverage area changes. We respond to all inquiries and incorporate relevant information. You may also view our FAQ page to learn more about the maps and our methodology.

In addition, you may request the non-confidential data displayed in the maps. To request this data, please fill out the mapping data request form.

Please note: The data contained in this map are currently in beta version and will be updated as we receive public feedback and more provider data. As of October 1, 2013, the map includes data provided by 25 Alaska high-speed Internet providers. According to the most current information, 93.56% of Alaska households have access to terrestrial fixed broadband service of at least 768 Kbps downstream and 200 Kbps upstream (excluding mobile and satellite services) - representing approximately 16,600 unserved households that do not have access to a fixed wireless or wired broadband service offering. With mobile broadband service included, 96% or 247,900 Alaska households have access to broadband service of at least 768 Kbps downstream and 200 Kbps upstream.  This analysis is conducted through a geoprocessing tool that analyzes Census Block demographics with the aggregated broadband service overlay from the provider data. For more information about the methodology, please click here.

Providers: As part of the State Broadband Initiative grant program, this map will be periodically updated with data from additional participating providers and when new service areas are identified. Connect Alaska wants to encourage all providers to participate. There is an informational page on the website for broadband providers.


With the My ConnectView, you will be able to:

  • Visualize broadband coverage areas

  • Analyze types of existing coverage

  • Locate broadband providers in your area

  • Evaluate the impact of proposed broadband projects

  • Track broadband growth

  • Analyze barriers to broadband adoption

Getting Started:

Learn how to navigate the map, change layers, search by address, view area demographics, and much more - check out how to get started!

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*My ConnectView contains a very large amount of data, and a broadband connection is recommended for viewing.
*This map represents areas of broadband service availability determined by in-depth technical analysis of provider networks and accommodations for the impact of external factors on service quality. Broadband availability at an exact location, however, cannot be guaranteed as such may be affected by limitations of technical infrastructure, topography, environment, and other external factors.
*Your personal information is confidential and will not be sold, traded, or otherwise transferred to outside parties for marketing, advertising, or other similar purposes.